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Presenter Instructions

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Presenter Instructions

Prerecorded Video

Similar to the 4 minute presentations of past ISMIRs, these prerecorded short videos should introduce the topic of your paper, inform of some insights from the work, and entice watchers to read the paper and visit your poster sessions.

Video must be submitted by September 14th. Our team will be reviewing them for quality and appending title cards with schedule details before posting online.

We recommend recording voice overs to a slide show or slides with embedded video of the presenter. One way to do this is record the presentation on a virtual meeting platform such as Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams. Presentation programs such as Powerpoint and screen capture programs such as Screencastomatic can be used to record slide presentations with voiceover.

Video presentations must include accurate captions, including [SOUND EFFECTS] and speaker name if multiple speakers are featured. Free web services such as YouTube Studios (instructions), Zubtitle, and Amara can be used to generate, edit, and export captions into common formats like .srt, .vtt, and .sbv. If captioning services are not available to you, you must submit a complete transcript text file (.txt) of the video with time stamps. Here is some guidance on encoding captions, from another virtual conference.

These videos will be publicly available for streaming during the conference on multiple platforms for international accessibility, and archived publicly for access after the conference as well. Note that excerpts of copyrighted audio recordings may cause a video to be suppressed on some platforms (, YouTube).


  • Duration: 4 minutes
  • File size: 250 MB max
  • Video format: mp4
  • Video codec: H.264
  • Dimension: minimum height 480 px, aspect ratio 16:9
  • Resolution: 720p
  • Filename: include paper submission number and presenting author’s family name (e.g., 118_Upham.mp4)

Submission deadline

14 September 2020, Anywhere On Earth (AOE)

Submission process

If Dropbox is accessible from your region, please submit your 4-minute presentation videos via this file request link. If the Dropbox link does not work in your region, please submit via this oneDrive file request link.

If you have any questions, contact

Poster file

The digital poster file should be formatted for display on screens rather than large format print. We recommend a horizontal or vertical arrangement that allows participants to scroll and zoom easily.

  • Horizontal dimension: The poster should be designed to follow the proportion of a computer screen (16: 9) and allow for good quality graphics when zooming on specific sections of the poster. The recommended size is 24 inches tall (60 cm) by 42 inches wide (105 cm). The file should be saved as a PDF and its size should not exceed 100MB. (Sample horizontal instructions)

  • Vertical dimensions: Another option is to generate a long poster, scrolled in one direction without the need for changing scale. This arrangement is more convenient for mobile devices and tablets. For more discussion on vertical poster design, see this twitter thread and these vertical posters generated using a webapp and PowerPoint.

However you generate the poster, please submit a .pdf file. Links to dynamic documents generated on Visme or similar webapps can be shared within your poster’s slack channel; alternatively, by embedding a QR code in the PDF poster that links to its interactive version.

Regarding the filename convention, please follow the same guidelines used for video submissions, except for the file format (e.g., 118_Upham.pdf).

Submission deadline

3 October 2020, Anywhere On Earth (AOE)

Submission process

If Dropbox is accessible from your region, please submit your poster PDFs via this file request link. If the Dropbox link does not work in your region, please submit via this oneDrive file request link.

If you have any questions, contact

Poster sessions

Each poster will be given a channel in the conference Slack workspace. This channel will be open for asynchronous text discussion of the project throughout the conference and for synchronous audio/video discussion during the poster sessions. To help visitors, presenters can prepare their channel by pinning their poster documents and link to their paper materials and video on the ISMIR 2020 website.

Each poster is scheduled to be presented in two 90 minute sessions scheduled 11.5 hours apart. This allows ISMIR participants from around the world to engage in synchronous discussion with each presenter. In each session, 8 to 12 poster channels will be active in parallel. Poster presenters will open a slack call in their poster channel and visitors can pop into the channel and join the call to talk face to face. Like any in-person poster session, these video calls can only support a limited number of participants at once (15). If a channel call is full, visitors will be encouraged to keep browsing and come back in a few minutes, or to leave text comments and questions to be answered later.

Dates and deadlines

Publication Fee17 August 2020
Early Bird Registration31 August 2020

WiMIR@vISMIR Grants30 August 2020

Prerecorded videos (for presenters)14 September 2020
Poster files (for presenters)3 October 2020

Call for Late-Breaking/DemoClosed 
Initial submission22 September 2020 
Request for revision, if necessary23-25 September 2020 
LBD notification28 September 2020 
Poster/Video submission5 October 2020 

Call for PapersClosed 
Abstract submission10 April 20208 May 2020
Final submission17 April 202015 May 2020
Notification of Acceptance12 June 202010 July 2020
Camera-ready upload6 July 20203 August 2020

Call for MusicClosed 
Music submission29 May 202026 June 2020
Music notification15 July 202031 July 2020

Call for TutorialsClosed 
Initial submission30 April 202022 May 2020
Final submission22 May 202029 May 2020
Tutorials notification15 June 202022 June 2020

Main Event

Tutorials11 October 2020
Scientific Program12–15 October 2020

Satellite Events

WiMIR Workshop10 October 2020 Multiple dates: 22 August, 5 September, 19 September, and 3 October 2020
DLfM16 October 2020
NLP4MusA16 October 2020
HAMR16–17 October 2020

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