Adobe Research

Adobe empowers the world to be creative. Audio is at the heart of a large class of creative endevours - music, podcasts, video, and augmented reality to name a few. In order to help people create, we are re-imagining audio technology with AI. We are dramatically simplifying the creation of audio content and enabling new kinds of content that one could simply not create in the past.

Our work spans a number of audio research areas including music information retrieval, speech and music synthesis, speech enhancement, computational acoustics, spatial audio, audio event detection, and some topics that don’t quite fit into a traditional audio research area. We also work on problems at the intersection of audio with video, augmented reality, and natural language processing, which naturally lend themselves to multi-modal learning. To advance all of these research areas, we develop new machine learning algorithms, novel signal processing algorithms, and new human computer interaction paradigms.


Audio Research Internships

Adobe Research is offering audio research internships in 2021. We are looking for PhD students who are excited about pushing the state of the art in the field and having a real-world impact. Our internships are typically in the summer, but we will consider off-summer interns as well. We’ll be sending out a call for internships in the coming weeks. Look out for it on the Music-IR mailing list!

In the internship, you will directly collaborate with one or more of our audio researchers. You will have access to robust computational resources as well as world-class product groups and design teams. We actively publish in leading journals and conferences, invent new products, and create compelling creative tools. We often foster ongoing collaborations and are open to projects that last beyond the internship and potentially become part of your PhD thesis.

Audio Researchers at Adobe

  • San Francisco - Justin Salamon, Nicholas Bryan, Zeyu Jin, Juan-Pablo Caceres, Gautham Mysore
  • Seattle - Timothy Langlois, Dingzeyu Li, Jui Hsien-Wang
  • Urbana-Chapaign - Paris Smaragdis

For additional information, read about the Audio Research Group and check out our publications and researcher profiles.